Sunnybrook Hospital: Integrated, Accessible Care for Seniors 

The Peter Cipriano Centre for Seniors Health, a custom-designed space at Sunnybrook Hospital, will pioneer a new model that offers fully coordinated care organized around the needs of seniors and their families. The Centre will create a personalized plan to manage each patient’s care, coordinating the roles of geriatricians and hospital experts with primary care physicians and community and family support. The goal is more efficient and compassionate care that keeps seniors independent and in their own homes. The Centre will offer outpatient services including comprehensive assessment, rehabilitation, system navigation, caregiver support and education on the health needs of seniors. Additional services will include eye care, psychology and audiology.

Through our $3 million gift, the Honey & Barry Sherman Legacy Foundation is proud to support Canada’s first-ever patient-centred model for seniors care, which is focused on keeping seniors healthy and in their community.