The Apotex Centre at Baycrest: The Gold Standard in Long-Term Care

The Apotex Centre at Baycrest is dedicated to caring for the most vulnerable seniors from the community during the later part of their lives. The teams aim to make this time healthy and physically safe, but more importantly also joyous and meaningful.

Honey and Barry Sherman’s legacy of giving has helped make the Apotex Centre the gold standard for excellence in long-term care. The Centre operates with highly trained front-line teams, and thanks to them, the residents live 2.5 times longer on average than other long-term care residents in Ontario. The teams provide a person-centred approach to care that fulfils needs beyond physical healthcare and looks after the well-being of the whole person.

Barry and Honey were the driving force behind the Apotex Centre, which opened in 2000. They believed that research, education, and innovation are the keys to improving the journey of aging for everyone.