Scarborough Health Network Foundation: Addressing Health Inequities of Diverse Communities

Situated in one of Canada’s most diverse communities, the Scarborough Health Network (SHN) improves patients’ lives through exceptional care at three hospitals and eight satellite sites. The Honey & Barry Sherman Legacy Foundation is supporting exceptional healthcare for Scarborough with two gifts totalling over $1.1 million.

These gifts will expand the Northpine Diagnostic Imaging Department and create the new Honey & Barry Sherman Legacy Foundation Interventional Radiology Suite within the Diagnostic Imaging Department at SHN’s General Hospital. Interventional radiology uses imaging technology, like X-rays and ultrasounds, to guide small instruments through the body to treat diseases without major surgery. It can be used to perform biopsies to diagnose cancer and its stage, remove tumours, prevent kidney failure, and provide life-saving diagnoses in minimally invasive ways.

The benefits for patients are significant. By avoiding surgery under anaesthesia, they experience less pain and fewer complications. Plus, it frees the operating room for patients who need more complex operations. 

The Honey & Barry Sherman Interventional Radiology Suite will be a critical part of SHN’s new Diagnostic Imaging Department to help ensure equitable, accessible care for Scarborough and the surrounding areas.