Humber River Health: Transforming Healthcare Access in NorthWest Toronto 

A $10 million donation from the Honey & Barry Sherman Legacy Foundation will help revitalize healthcare in one of Toronto’s most underserved communities. With this donation, the 17-acre Humber River Health Finch campus in the Jane and Finch Corridor will be re-imagined with a dedicated focus on closing the healthcare disparity gap in North West Toronto. 

This investment is crucial given the area’s pressing healthcare needs. People living in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood face many socio-economic challenges. The community is home to the highest percentage of lone-parent families, racialized, and marginalized populations in Toronto. Additionally, the surrounding neighbourhoods have a disproportionate number of low-income seniors aged 80 and above who live alone and need their complex healthcare needs addressed closer to home.

The reimagined facility will be designed around specific community needs and may include a fully accessible urgent care clinic, new diagnostic imaging and lab services and potentially a new acute care hospital on the site.  

This $10 million donation is the Honey & Barry Sherman Legacy Foundation’s largest charitable gift since its inception by daughter Alex Krawcyzk in 2020.